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The Great Mirror

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Italy: Classical Rome 1

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Take three or four trips a year. After 20 or 30 years, what do you have? A couple of passports stuffed with full-page visas. Memories of this place and that. The beginnings of memory failure. Probably more than the beginnings.

What then? Of course you took a camera, but you never had the time to wait for the right light. You didn't even have the time to master your point-and-shoot beyond the most elementary commands. Worse, you hardly ever took pictures of people, even though people (to paraphrase the song) are more interested in people than in anything else. What was your excuse? You weren't comfortable sticking a camera in people's faces? You didn't have enough time to win a subject's trust?

Whatever. Whatever. And so you arrive at your fate: your very own website, loaded with pictures grouped and described as you like, sometimes sketchily and occasionally in detail that is almost scholarly. It's your secret library, almost unknown at the server farms purring in darkness.

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