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Notes on the Geography of Northern India: Chunar

Twenty miles upstream from Varanasi, and across the river, there's a 200-foot-high hill rising from the plains and capped by a fort that was old when Humayun captured it in 1537. The British took it in 1764, and a few years later Warren Hastings found it a handy refuge during a local rebellion.

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Northern India: Chunar picture 1

The view from the hill and looking northeast and downstream, toward Varanasi.  This is the point where the Ganges makes it great northerly turn.

Northern India: Chunar picture 2

From the riverside, looking toward the fort.

Northern India: Chunar picture 3

Another view of the fortifications.

Northern India: Chunar picture 4

Looking down from the fort.

Northern India: Chunar picture 5

Some famous names.

Northern India: Chunar picture 6

Entrance to the fort.

Northern India: Chunar picture 7

One of the buildings within the fort.  The round holes lead to former dungeons.

Northern India: Chunar picture 8

Famous prisoners were held here--and escaped from here.

Northern India: Chunar picture 9

Balcony overlooking the river.

Northern India: Chunar picture 10

Down at the bottom, there's a British cemetery.

Northern India: Chunar picture 11

The tombstone of Col. John White, who died in 1794 at age 64.  The inscription states that he "was known to be a kind and tender husband, an affectionate father, a zealous officer during 38 years that he served in this country, and a sincere friend."

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