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Notes on the Geography of China: Shanghai:The Bund: Photo 1

world pictures China: Shanghai:The Bund

Here's the view looking upstream or south from the head of the Bund. On the left, just out of sight, is the Huangpu River. The road itself began as a towpath, and unlike other parts of Shanghai's waterfront, its side facing the water was kept open and never built up. A tramline began running up and down the Bund in 1908. It's gone, so we'll have to walk. We'll go straight through the picture, but before we do that, we have to turn around a minute. Before we do, maybe we should get in a suitably commercial mood by remembering John Wharton MacLellan, whose Story of Shanghai from the Opening of the Port to Foreign Trade (1889) recalls that "Commerce was the beginning, middle and end of our life in China. If there were no trade, not a single man, except missionaries, would have come there at all" (p. 16).

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