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Notes on the Geography of Australia's Northern Territory: Alice Springs: Photo 10

world pictures Australia's Northern Territory: Alice Springs

Enough frippery. We've come to town and climbed Anzac Hill. The view is over the town center, with the MacDonnell Ranges in the background. A bit of history now, in the form of the order creating the town. "In pursuance of the provisions of 'The Northern Territory Crown Lands Consolidation Act, 1882,' I, the Governor, do hereby proclaim and declare that all that portion of the Crown lands hereinafter described shall, from the date hereof, be set apart as the site for a new town, to be called the Town of Stuart, and such lands are hereby reserved and designated town lands: --All that portion of the waste lands in the Northern Territory, situated at Alice Springs.... By command, J.G. Ramsay, Chief Secretary. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!"

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