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Notes on the Geography of Pakistan: Lahore: Wazir Khan's Mosque: Photo 13

world pictures Pakistan: Lahore: Wazir Khan's Mosque

Back to the prayer hall. "The outstanding characteristic of this style of building, both in Persia and the Punjab, is its accentuation of colour, as it depends entirely for its expression on the brilliant display of patterns in faience. To such an extent was this colour scheme allowed to dominate the entire fabric that one of the fundamental principles of good building has been sacrificed, inasmuch as the designers subordinated intentionally all constructional emphasis in order to give precedent to the applied art.... Exactly similar glazed decoration... is seen in profusion in the seventeenth-century buildings of Persia and Iraq, most of it being made at the town of Kashan, where the name for it is Kashi, which is also the name by which this art is commonly known in Lahore.... It seems not unlikely therefore that most if not all of this decoration was imported in bulk from Kashan." From Percy Brown in The Cambridge History of India,, volume 4, p. 560.

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