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Notes on the Geography of Pakistan: Lahore: Wazir Khan's Mosque: Photo 3

world pictures Pakistan: Lahore: Wazir Khan's Mosque

Ever seen anything like it? F.H. Andrews, an early principal of Lahore's Mayo Art School, wrote that the tile work was "extremely fine, particularly when the bright mustard yellow is not too lavishly used... the secret of the art is said to have died with an aged karigar, Muhammad Baksh, who expired at Lahore in 1876 under the weight of ninety-seven years, having never in all that time consented to take a pupil." (Quoted in Aijazuddin, Lahore Recollected, 2003, p. 71.) The tile itself is unusual in that there is no brick or earth base. Instead sand was mixed with lime and gum into a kind of paste that was spread into large slabs. The chosen pattern was inscribed with vitreous enamel, and the panel was then cut into pieces and fired at a low heat. The assembled mosaic was then laid in lime mortar. (These details come from Lockyard Kipling's note on the mosque in No. 19 of The Journal of Indian Art, vol. 2, 1888.)

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