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Travel to U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa

With its old oil money, Tulsa is more sophisticated than Oklahoma City.

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A high point--and classic Oklahoma: the (now closed) home of Thomas Gilcrease, a great collector of (American) Western art.

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Gilcrease was an oilman, but a puny one in comparison to Frank Philipps, from whose bedroom one was transported far from the Great Plains. Call it a budget version of San Simeon.

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In those days, before Oklahoma had run low on oil, there was money and taste for terracotta trim on office buildings.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 4

The moderne look came to office buildings.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 5

It came to churches, too.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 6

A handsome font chosen for the cornerstone of that church.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 7

Even garages had pretensions.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 8

After World War II, things got simpler.

U.S.: Oklahoma: Tulsa picture 9

And simpler still! In a universe of Willow Creeks and Stonebriars, you've gotta admire this developer.

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Want to join the fun? Need a loan? Come on down to HQ, Bank of Oklahoma.

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