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Notes on the Geography of Peninsular India: Bijapur: Photo 15

world pictures Peninsular India: Bijapur

With customary verve, Fergusson writes (II, 272) that "it is one of the disadvantages of the Turanian system of each king building his own tomb, that if he dies early his work remains unfinished. This defect is more than compensated in practice by the fact that unless a man builds his own sepulchre, the chances are very much against anything worthy of admiration being dedicated to his memory by his surviving relatives." Life's tough. In the case of this tomb, Fergusson continues, "Ibrahim II (1579-1626) had commenced his mausoleum on so small a plan--116 feet square--that, as he enjoyed a long and prosperous reign, it was only by ornament that he could render it worthy of himself, his favourite wife, and other members of his family." Ornament it he did. The apt comparison might be with the tombs at Golconda, near Hyderabad.

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