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Notes on the Geography of Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island

Saltspring is the largest of the Canadian Gulf Islands, a group wedged between southeastern Vancouver island and the broad swath of Georgia Strait. By Canadian West Coast standards, it has a long agricultural history, but for almost 50 years it has had regular ferries to both Vancouver Island and the mainland, which means that it lies within commuting distance of both. Upshot: the island has become a microcosm of the almost universal problem of accommodating growth without destroying the qualities that attract newcomers.

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Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 1

Saltspring land is almost absurdly expensive, certainly too expensive for anyone to come in, buy a farm, and pay down the mortgage with farm income. A few fairly large tracts remain, some with driveways echoing the Edwardian society of younger sons who once left London to grow apples out in the Empire.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 2

There were homesteaders, too.  Eventually they faced ruinous property taxes.  In this case the Ruckle family transferred the property to the provincial government as a park, with the family retaining lifetime residency rights.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 3

A pretty typical contrast: coast forest and sheep pasture. The forest is all secondary or tertiary: century-old stumps suggest a more towering forest when the first European settlers came.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 4

Late summer pasture, with the glacially plucked leeslope of Mt. Maxwell in the background. The summit is another provincial park, thick with moss.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 5

Up top: a softened exposure.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 6

The view from Mt. Maxwell toward Fulford Harbour, where the Victoria ferry docks. Although British Columbia generally adopted a cardinally oriented grid-survey system, it allowed for topographic variation. Here, a line of rectangular plots of arable land has been laid off across the lowland at the mountain's foot: none of the lines run north-south or east-west.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 7

The Vancouver ferry steaming into Long Harbour, a fine anchorage. With traffic like this coming half a dozen times daily, the island is hard-pressed to retain an agrarian character.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 8

The entrance to Ganges, the main town on the island.  You can spend $200 for a room and $60 for a meal.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 9

Shoppers looking for art, not hardware. The old general store, which once faced the Canadian Pacific dock, now has all the froufrou of New York's Long Island and Massachusetts' Cape Cod.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 10

Right there, at Ganges Harbour, summer brings a steady drone of sea-planes. A rocky point is loaded with condos, nicely done for dot.commers flying in for the weekend.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 11

Compared to the American San Juan islands, where public-beach access is a rarity kept firmly at bay, the Canadians have generally kept their shores public. Here, however, a long ridge of beautiful land reaches down the east side of Long Harbour and emulates American practice.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 12

And what kind of agriculture do you expect on this new Saltspring? Why, same as on Long Island, where potatoes have vanished and been replaced by vineyards. The vine acreage on Saltspring is small, but it's probably going to rise.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 13

In the category of looming threat: during the summer of 2000, many residents were up in arms about the plans of Vancouver developers to log a huge block of land abutting Mt. Maxwell. They promised to be sensitive.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 14

Of course, the whole island had already been logged--or burned--at least once. Now, though, people see the island as a precious vestige of a world they want to retain, and so they dread the same Paul Bunyon feats that their grandparents admired. Here, a truck gets ready to dump logs from the same property.

Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 15


Canada (B.C.): Saltspring Island picture 16

Getting ready to tow the forest away.

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