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Notes on the Geography of Pakistan: Mills of Swat

Here's a look at the water-driven grain mills of Swat, a former princely state west of the Indus Valley.

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Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 1

The soft earth, ready for planting.

Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 2

In the midst of elaborately terraced slopes, one of many grain mills can be seen: the contour line of the channel bringing water to the penstock, the millhouse below, and the tailrace.

Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 3

Channel approaching the millhouse but at the moment wasting through an escape back to the river.

Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 4

On another day, the mill was open, and the stone was spinning fast as the boy funneled corn down to it.

Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 5

A customer waits for his grain to be milled.

Pakistan: Mills of Swat picture 6

A mill near Miandam, on the east slope of the Shangla Pass. At high water, two escapes were open, yet water was overflowing the channel banks.

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