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Notes on the Geography of Great Mirror: Photo 23

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The article continues: "The annual rise and fall of the Amazon River there is about 40 feet, so that it was found necessary to provide floating landing-stages at some distance from the shore, and in order to allow of the transference of cargo from these stages to the warehouses on land a specially designed steel pontoon has been constructed."

Here's how another visitor, Henry Clemens Pearson, described the scene in 1911: "I do not think I spoke of the magnificent spread of the river in front of the city. It forms a great pool, four or five miles wide and deep enough at low water to accommodate ocean steamers. During the rainy season the river rises from 30 to 40 feet, and this was why the company that had the concession to build docks passed so many sleepless nights. They have finally anchored huge docks a little way off shore, and when the river rises pay out the anchored cables so that the dock rises with it. Goods are sent ashore from these docks on long aerial cables...."

Pearson was the publisher of India Rubber World, another trade magazine. The quote here comes from his The Rubber Country of the Amazon, 1911, p. 100.

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