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Notes on the Geography of Great Mirror: Photo 22

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It's a 15-minute walk from the theater past the library down to the river. There's a modern port a few miles downstream--container ships and all the rest--just below the confluence with the Amazon, but up here the river makes do with smaller craft.

Here's what Franz Keller saw in 1867: "As the shallow shore did not admit a direct approach even for small boats, and as a landing-bridge seemed to be an unheard of luxury, there was no resource but to disembark in two-wheeled carts, standing up to the axle-trees in the water, which took both passengers and luggage safely ashore, though certainly not in what might be called an elegant way" (p. 34).

The floating docks go back to about 1900. Here's a fine bit of relevant minutia from a trade journal in 1905: "By contract with the Federal Government of Brazil a company, known as Manaos Harbour, Limited, undertook inter alia, to construct, at the port of Manaos, warehouses, inclines, permanent works, and floats for steamers of all sizes to go alongside at all times of the year, and to arrange for the discharging, loading and warehousing of all merchandise from large or small steamers."

See Electrical World and Engineer, 1905, p. 308.

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