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Notes on the Geography of China: Kashgar: Photo 10

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The Idgah Mosque, built in the 15th Century, was remodeled in 1838. Lady Macartney described the square as she saw it: "The main streets seemed mostly to run into the big Market Square known as the Id-ga, in the centre of which stood the Chief Mosque.... I wish I could adequately describe the beauty and picturesqueness of the Id-ga bazaar, as seen from the steps of the Mosque. In the centre of the great square were the fruit stalls; in summer piled high with fruit, crimson peaches, apricots, mulberries, enormous bunches of black and white grapes and purple and yellow figs. One kind of white grape had berries about two inches long, and as thick as one's finger. Then there were melons of so many varieties, some being cut open to show the inside.... Fruit in Kashgar was too cheap to be appreciated.... the Cap stalls gave a wonderfully pretty touch of colour. They looked like flowers on their stands.... a Kashgar crowd was very gay compared with an English one. The inevitable tea shop, or Chai-Khana, was everywhere, where people sat and drank tea while they listened to dreamy native music.... (pp. 65-6).

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