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Notes on the Geography of Vietnam: Saigon

Traces of the French city and of the American-supported one.

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Vietnam: Saigon picture 1

The Hotel de Ville (1901-08), now the People's Committee Building. Visualize it a century ago: Europeans in tropical whites and helmets; a few rickshaws.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 2

The post office, 1886.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 3


Vietnam: Saigon picture 4

Eminences on parade, including Ben Franklin.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 5

Inside the post office.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 6

A wall map of Saigon and environs.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 7

A companion map map of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 8

The Municipal Theater, 1898, restored 1995. To its right, the Hotel Caravelle.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 9

The Gia Long Palace, later the Revolutionary Museum, now the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 10


Vietnam: Saigon picture 11

A new building in an old style: the Conservatory of Music.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 12

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 13

When it's closed, as it mostly is, people pray outside.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 14

It's a popular spot.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 15

Builder's mark.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 16

The city's premier hotel in the colonial period, the Continental Saigon was opened in 1880 by Pierre Cazeau, a building-materials manufacturer. It was sold in 1911 to the Duke of Montpensier and in 1930 to Mathier Francini of Corsica. Guests over the years included Tagore, Malraux, and Graham Greene.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 17

The Rex Hotel began in 1927 as the Bainier Auto Hall, a Citroen dealership. In 1959, work began on converting it to the Rex Hotel and Trading Center. During the war, the American government leased the building and used it for billeting as well as to hold a daily press conference. After 1975, it became the Ben Thanh Hotel but was sold in 1986, renovated in 1990, and reopened as the Rex.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 18

The presidential palace of South Vietnam or, formally, of the Republic of Vietnam, which existed from 1955 to 1975. Designed by the French-trained and prolific Ngo Viet Thu, it was completed in 1966 for President Ngo Dinh Diem and stands on the site of the residence built in 1868 for the French governor-general of Cochin China. Now called the Reunification Palace, it is a museum preserved largely as it was on April 30th, 1975, when it was stormed by communist forces.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 19

Corridors of power, once.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 20

Decor from the 1950s.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 21


Vietnam: Saigon picture 22

Projector for in-house theater.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 23

Map room with maps showing the coordination of forces.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 24

Basement teletypes.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 25

To the rear, a plaza.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 26

Model of the now demolished American embassy--it, too, with a helicopter.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 27

Entrance to the replacement embassy.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 28

Nearby, the French embassy gets by with lighter armor.

Vietnam: Saigon picture 29

Tour buses making the HCMC Highlights circuit.

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