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Notes on the Geography of Zimbabwe: Great Zimbabwe: Photo 6

world pictures Zimbabwe: Great Zimbabwe

There's an impressive path up the mountain. One of the most striking things about these walls--and Great Zimbabwe in general--is a lack of corners. Everything seems to bend except the granite blocks themselves.

Mauch spent seven years traipsing around southern Africa, was nearly always broke, and finally went home to Germany sick enough to die at age 37. It's a sad story, especially because his letters home and his journals are full of sound observations.

Now, however, there was a physical place on which to hang the Phoenician or Biblical myth, and when Cecil Rhodes visited almost 20 years later, his companion Christiaan de Waal wrote that "...a man who has travelled in that country and sat on the walls of the Simbabe temple cannot fail to be convinced that the Mashonaland gold mines are the same from which King Solomon got his gold (through the Phoenicians)...." de Waal continued: "I am thoroughly convinced that the ruins in and round about Simbabe are a proof to demonstration of the existence in earlier days of thousands, yea tens of thousands, of white men there."

(See D.C. de Waal, With Rhodes in Mashonaland, pp. 279f.)

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