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Notes on the Geography of Indonesia: Bali Again: Photo 22

world pictures Indonesia: Bali Again

Here's the spring itself. welling up in brilliant clarity. Today's tourists look good in comparison to an episode that took place here in the early 1930s. Johan Fabricius describes it as follows: Mr. D, the dollar millionaire, went to the holy village of Tirta Empul, and out of sheer bravado--'just for the fun of it'--took a dive into the lotus-covered Bath of the Gods; the horrified priests dashed to the scene, and submitted a complaint about this sacrilege to the Deputy Commissioner, with the result that Mr. D. generously offered to stand the cost of a banquet to propitiate the fury of the offended deities. The whole affair set him back about twenty dollars, a trifling sum to pay for the pleasure he was going to get out of dishing up the story to his circle of wealthy acquaintances back in New York. He and his friends tore along the peaceful lanes of Bali in their cars of an afternoon, running over dogs and chickens by the dozen in their hurry to hold a noisy get-together in the bar of Mr. D.'s yacht," at anchor off the coast. (See A Dutchman At Large, 1952, p. 175).

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