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Notes on the Geography of New Zealand: Auckland: Photo 4

world pictures New Zealand: Auckland

Father, son, father's wife. There's a story here, carefully worked out by the anonymous blogger called Timespanner. She writes that Tizard was master of a schooner that set sail from nearby Hokianga Harbour with a cargo of sugar, ale, cider, jewelry, brandy, flour, and more. The ship was wrecked off the notorious Whangarei Heads, and in due course a death notice appeared for Tizard and his small crew.

Then this: "Mr. Tizard, formerly master of the cutter Wildfire, which was totally lost off Hokianga some months ago, returned to town yesterday in the cutter Maxwell, after a long and fruitless search for tidings of the lost vessel." Timespanner works out the puzzle. There were two brothers, William and Hayes. Hayes was the ship's master. A newspaper at the time explains: "We may state, however, that when she arrived at Hokianga Mr. Hayes Tizard, who took her down, left her there through ill health, and his brother Mr. Wm. Milner Tizard then took charge and sailed as master. She had a crew of three sailors on board, but we are not aware if there were any passengers." Lucky for Hayes that he was too sick to sail that day. For his brother, not so much.

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