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Notes on the Geography of Northern India: The Lucknow Museum's Display of Imperial Statuary: Photo 11

world pictures Northern India: The Lucknow Museum's Display of Imperial Statuary

Anthony Patrick Macdonnell, Lt. Governor of the Northwest Provinces and Commissioner of Oudh, 1895-1901. Known as "the Bengal Tiger," he had a prickly personality that prompted one Indian Civil Service colleague to observe: "If Antony and another are cast away in an open boat and only one of them can live, it will not be Antony who is eaten" (Philip Mason, The Guardians, vol. 2 of The Men Who Ruled India, 1963, p. 188). Although even Curzon found him somewhat cold and lacking in generosity of character, he was glad to have him. Writing from India to a colleague in London, Curzon declared: "It is such a God-send in this pygmy-ridden country to find a man who at least has mental stature" (D. Gilmour, Curzon, 1994, 157). Macdonnell left India for a position as Home Secretary for Ireland.

This statue is presumably the one erected in Lucknow in 1907 at the expense of local landlords. If so, it was done by George Frampton, whose other works include the vastly more frequently seen statue of Nurse Edith Cavell that stands outside the National Portrait Gallery in London.

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