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Notes on the Geography of Northern India: Bundelkhand

The ancient block of peninsular India rises in a series of steps from the Ganges lowlands up to the Deccan Plateau. South of Kanpur, the first major rise--very gentle-- is to the Bundelkhand Uplands, which extend south to the Vindya scarp and the next step up.

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Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 1

The uplands are remarkably flat over large areas.  The bedrock is mostly granitic and is neither especially fertile nor densely populated.  Where uncultivated, it is heavily grazed.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 2

Most of the grazing is by unfenced cattle.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 3

Fields are mostly unirrigated; gram is especially important.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 4

Cultivation methods are simple.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 5

Housing is typically of mud or brick, with tile roofs.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 6

Compound farmsteads are commonplace.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 7

Fields are generally unfenced, although the bedrock provides fencing material. (The background temple is Duladeo, a late Khajuraho temple. Khajuraho is located near the southeast edge of the Bundelkhand Uplands.)

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 8

Although this is a poor part of India, it now has cell phones and satellite TV.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 9

Roads remain simple.

Northern India: Bundelkhand  picture 10

On one of them, west of Panna, there is a well-known dhaba, or truckstop.  The food's good:  specialties are roti for two cents and dal for 20. 

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