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Notes on the Geography of Peninsular India: Vicinity of Hampi: Photo 20

world pictures Peninsular India: Vicinity of Hampi

Here's the fuller picture. There's a village, Anegondi, on the far side. The residents wanted a bridge. One was sanctioned in 1993, and work began in 1997. It was halted in 1999, after protest from a visiting UNESCO official who said that the bridge would attract heavy truck traffic that would disturb the Hampi ruins. Her concern led UNESCO to put Hampi on the official list of endangered World Heritage sites. Work was halted for about six years. The site was removed from the "in danger" list in 2006, at which time UNESCO agreed that the bridge could be completed with severe restrictions on its use; meanwhile, a site would be found downstream for an unrestricted bridge. Work resumed on the Talwarghatta Bridge (to give it its name) in 2009. The bridge was cable-stayed, with towers on each side from which cables fanned out. Only a couple of weeks after work resumed, concrete was being poured to fill the gap remaining in the middle of the bridge. The structure collapsed, killing eight workers and injuring many others. And so the ruins sit. The dark discs on the bridge are coracles, a kind of boat found very widely, even though it's hard to get anywhere in them without going around in circles.

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