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Notes on the Geography of Kenya: Colonial Nairobi : Photo 27

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Many stones speak of lions. Fritz Schindler, according to a note in the Herefordshire Museum, was an "Austrian hunter 'renowned for his spotless white breeches and gleaming boots, for his daring and his womanising.' He was killed in about 1912 whilst assisting the millionaire American filmmaker Paul Rainey, in photographing a lion charging at the camera." We can correct that date.

Christine Stephanie Nicholls presents a different version of the story. "Fritz Schindler was a strange Swiss white hunter of nervous disposition who had despatched sixty lions in his time, despite being an erratic shot. A good raconteur, he was always reckless to the point of madness when hunting and if he had spectators would indulge in foolhardy actions, such as going up to a dead lion to cut out its heart and eat a piece of the meat. He said an old Maasai had told him this would give you strength. He was working on the Magadi railway in January 1914 when he decided to help the American photographer Cherry Kearton to make a film of a lion hunt. During the filming, an enraged lion, chivvied all morning from place to place, mauled Schindler so severely that his abdomen was split open. He died shortly after he was taken to hospital" (Red Strangers: the White Tribe of Kenya, 2005 pp. 67-8).

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