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Notes on the Geography of Yemen: Aden

Back in the days when Europeans went by sea to India and points beyond, Aden was busy. Not today, although the airport receives a surprising amount of traffic not only domestically but from Amman and Dubai, Cairo, Nairobi, Djibouti, and Mogadishu.

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Yemen: Aden picture 1

The coast still sees lots of small boats to and from the Emirates.

Yemen: Aden picture 2

Small-boat harbor.

Yemen: Aden picture 3

The same corner from farther back. The building in the distance is--so much for the exotic--a shopping center.

Yemen: Aden picture 4

Aden has two parts separated by a volcano. Within the volcano is the old part of town appropriately called Crater. This, on the other hand, is the newer part of town, the location of the modern harbor--and where the U.S.S. Cole came to anchor.

Yemen: Aden picture 5

Looking from this newer part of town over toward the mountain within which lies Crater, of which more soon.

Yemen: Aden picture 6

Nobody's idea of scenic, but not as run down as you might expect.

Yemen: Aden picture 7

Well, what did every Victorian town need, first and foremost?

Yemen: Aden picture 8

It needed a park, too. Can you make out that object in the trees on the left? It's a dark mass atop a light-colored base.

Yemen: Aden picture 9

Ever she sits, apple in hand.

Yemen: Aden picture 10

If you really hanker for Empire, you have to head this way.

Yemen: Aden picture 11

It's close to the old passenger dock.

Yemen: Aden picture 12

Last decorated in 1950-something.

Yemen: Aden picture 13

Playing by the clocktower.

Yemen: Aden picture 14

The patch of grass is a surprising touch, but we're going to jump over the mountain to see something even more startling--probably the most exotic thing in the city.

Yemen: Aden picture 15

Here's an explanatory note.

Yemen: Aden picture 16

And here's the approach path.

Yemen: Aden picture 17

Looks like a tomb of some sort, but it isn't.

Yemen: Aden picture 18

Behind the arch, a stepped tank to capture runoff from the occasional storm--increasingly occasional these days.

Yemen: Aden picture 19

The water is held up by a series of weirs.

Yemen: Aden picture 20

Follow them upstream and you arrive at impassible ravines.

Yemen: Aden picture 21

It's like a water park. Just without water for the last several years.

Yemen: Aden picture 22

Some of the tanks are deep.

Yemen: Aden picture 23

The interconnections seem like something by Escher.

Yemen: Aden picture 24

Water must once have splashed over these sills.

Yemen: Aden picture 25

And down several pathways.

Yemen: Aden picture 26

The sultan's palace, now the archaeological museum.

Yemen: Aden picture 27

The Al-Aidrus mosque and tombs.

Yemen: Aden picture 28


Yemen: Aden picture 29


Yemen: Aden picture 30

In case you thought that the city's Victorian buildings had bitten the dust: not a chance.

Yemen: Aden picture 31

Verandas for a hint of breeze.

Yemen: Aden picture 32

Deco, late in the colonial day.

Yemen: Aden picture 33

Another example.

Yemen: Aden picture 34

Post-colonial progress: the same shopping center seen from a distance in the first photo in this folder.

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