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Notes on the Geography of Peninsular India: Chennai / Madras 3: British Churches: Photo 24

world pictures Peninsular India: Chennai / Madras 3: British Churches

This monument is set in the floor. It reads in part: "Near this stone are deposited the remains of Major-General Sir Thomas Munro. Bart., K.C.B., Governor of the Presidency of Fort St. George, who, after 47 years of distinguished civil and military services, seven of which he passed at the head of the Government under which he first served as a cadet, was suddenly called from his labours on the fifth of July 1827 at a moment 'when,' in the language of the Honorable Court of Directors, 'he was on the point of returning to his native land in the enjoyment of well-earned honors from his Sovereign and from the Company, having recently manifested a new proof of his zeal and devotion in retaining charge of the Government of Madras after he had intimated his wish to retire therefrom and at a period when the political state of India rendered the discharge of the duties of that high and honorable station 'peculiarly arduous and important.' Aetat. 65. ... The resources of his mind rose superior to every emergency of civil government or military enterprise, and he united to these great qualities an unpretending modesty (that exalted sign of innate worth) which courted no applause and which would have obstructed his advancement had not his transcendent merits in the cabinet and in the field forced him into public notice and elevated him to the highest office of this Presidency."

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