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Notes on the Geography of Oman: Tanuf

A large part of the water irrigating the date palms around Nizwa comes from Wadi Tanuf.  Take a look?

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Oman: Tanuf picture 1

There's an abandoned village where the wadi leaves the mountains.  Typical construction: cobblestone base, mud-brick superstructure.

Oman: Tanuf picture 2

Nearby, a canal (said to be 300 years old) hugs the canyon wall behind a dry streambed.  

Oman: Tanuf picture 3

A recent (1989) dam.  This is the upstream face, dry as a bone but intended only to slow occasional floodwaters and in that way increase aquifer recharge.

Oman: Tanuf picture 4

Farther upstream.  Not very promising.

Oman: Tanuf picture 5

Still, there's obviously groundwater.

Oman: Tanuf picture 6

Surface water is so uncommon that the government grades roads right through the deepest part of the valley.

Oman: Tanuf picture 7

The valley narrows.

Oman: Tanuf picture 8

The road ends in a jumble with a continuing footpath.

Oman: Tanuf picture 9

More signs of water--and of habitation.

Oman: Tanuf picture 10

Irrigation channel, footpath, and fenced date palms.

Oman: Tanuf picture 11

Room for a bit of field crops.

Oman: Tanuf picture 12

Bananas!  Who woulda thunk?

Oman: Tanuf picture 13

Cross-section from footpath down across arable land to wadi floor.

Oman: Tanuf picture 14

Gen-set and diesel.  What for?

Oman: Tanuf picture 15

To pump water into tanks.

Oman: Tanuf picture 16

The settlement: a dozen houses, with greenery upstream and down.

Oman: Tanuf picture 17

So much for ladders of palm.

Oman: Tanuf picture 18

Roof-top terrace. 

Oman: Tanuf picture 19

Above the village, the valley becomes a slit.

Oman: Tanuf picture 20

Curiosity overcomes hunger: note how the fronds have been stripped wherever the goats could reach.

Oman: Tanuf picture 21

End of the path: water between perpendicular walls.  The water was overgrown with... well, with a plant of some sort.

Oman: Tanuf picture 22

Footing for goats.

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