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Notes on the Geography of Sri Lanka: Gampola

Back in the 14th century, when temples like Gadaladeniya were being built, Gampola was a royal city.  There's not much regality left, but there is a surprisingly ornate Hindu temple and a good deal of cultivable land that, in this hilly country, must once have put the city in the center of its own granary.

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Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 1

Downtown: the central crossroads.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 2

Let's follow those trucks.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 3

They take us to this paint-deprived Hindu temple, built for the plantation-based Tamils.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 4

Inside, a quiet courtyard.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 5

The back of the inner sanctum.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 6

Shady colonnades.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 7

Before the inner sanctum, a quartet of elaborately carved columns.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 8

A few miles downstream, along the Mahaweli.  A temple sits on the floodplain--the river running at the foot of the ridge.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 9

The form echoes Embekke.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 10

Ornamentation in this case is minimal.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 11

You won't find many places in the old Kandyan Kingdom with flat farmland like this--certainly nowhere near Kandy.  In the background, the fields are growing manioc, a popular crop here, with profits much higher than those from paddy.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 12

A close-up of the manioc (the source of tapioca).

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 13

A very unusual sight for central Sri Lanka: perhaps ten acres laid out in exceptionally large paddies.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 14

We've come upstream from Gampola, where again there's a lot of cultivable land.

Sri Lanka: Gampola picture 15

The farmer is letting a second crop sprout spontaneously from the last crop's stubble.

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